8 Of The Best Photography Classes You Can Take In 2019

Online photography classes are a great way to improve photography and boost creativity.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an intermediate photographer, we all have room to improve.

Online classes are a great idea because you can learn at your own pace.

Best of all, many of them are completely free!

Let’s take a look at 8 of the best online photography classes out there today.

1. Introduction to Photography by UDemy

UDemy’s Introduction to Photography is a comprehensive photography course

Udeme’s photography class is a comprehensive beginner’s course to get you out of auto-mode!

It will prepare you to use your camera to its maximum potential.

This 1.5-hour video course from professional photographer Chris Bray is free to enroll in.

The course covers photography basics, composition, exposure, aperture, and depth of field.

Best of all, you can learn at your own pace!

After completing this class, you can move onto some of the more advanced online photography classes from Udemy. The platform is packed with excellent photography classes taught by industry professionals. For example, we highly recommend the Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography.

Course Specifications:

  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Format: Videos
  • Assessment: No
  • Certificate: Yes

2. Introduction to Digital Photography by Harvard University

Get a harvard education to Photography! For free.

Do you want to take a photography class for the first time?

So, why not try a short course first to get a feel for an online course.

Harvard University’s Introduction to Digital Photography is only 3 hours long.

It is designed to help you understand your digital camera and improve your photographic skills.

Topics covered include basic camera features, history of photography, photography techniques, and styles of photography.

With nearly 100,000 enrolled students over the years, this photography class has a strong track record of providing a foundation to those starting out in photography.

Course Specifications:

  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Format: Videos
  • Certificate: Available upon purchase

3. Photography Classes by Reddit

Reddit’s photography class packs more than 30 lessons

This course by Reddit community is packed with 30 lessons!

Each lesson includes a simple assignment for you to do. So, you can practice and assess your understanding of the topics covered. The assignments are not graded, but you can post your work in the comments section and discuss with fellow students.

The lessons include topics such as photography gear, exposure, focus, post-processing, and vision. In other words, this is a pretty complete class to get you well on your way to understanding the fundamentals of photography.

This is a pretty complete lesson package to get you well on your way to understanding the fundamentals of photography.

Course Specifications:

  • Price: Free
  • Duration: At own pace 
  • Format: 30  modules with assignments
  • Certificate: Available upon purchase

4. The Practicing Photographer on Linda.com

Linda.com’s photography course is taught by acclaimed photographer Ben Long

Are you looking for a course that has a wide variety of topics?

Then this course is for you.

Acclaimed photographer Ben Long shares over 32 hours of videos in this extensive course. As a result, the course is able to cover a wide range of topic areas from composition to post-processing.

It is aimed at both new and experienced photographers.

When you sign up to Linda.com you get a 30-day free trial. Therefore, if you can complete all these lessons within this timeframe, then the course is totally free.

Course Specifications:

  • Price: 30-day free trial/subscription $25/month
  • Duration: 32 hours at your own pace
  • Format: Videos
  • Certificate: No

5. Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography by Masterclass

Learn photography from the world renowned photographer 
Annie Leibovitz

Do you want to learn portrait photography from one of the best portrait photographers?

World-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz shows students how to get those perfect portraits that tell stories. In addition, she also teaches them how to hone in on their craft.

You can access Leibovitz’s class in 2 different ways. For example, You can either purchase just this course or pay an yearly subscription to access all of the course offered by Masterclass.

Course Specifications:

  • Price: $90 for this class or $180/year (for all classes on Masterclass)
  • Duration: 15 lessons at your own pace
  • Format: Videos, downloadable class workbook, and assignments
  • Certificate: No

6. Fundamentals of Photography by Creative Live

Creative Live is a course platform for many creative subjects.

Creative Live is packed with courses in many creative fields.

Taught by the award-winning travel photographer John Greengo who has practiced photography for over 3 decades, this photography class is one of CreativeLive’s best sellers.

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of photography and how to easily get you into manual mode. In addition, you will also learn about natural light and how to analyze it to make your shots the best that they can be.

We are impressed with the range of subjects covered by this course. For example, the course has 107 lessons and covers everything from choosing a camera to post-processing and everything in between.

Most importantly, the class has a 100% recommendation rating. Certain proof that this is one of the best photography classes out there.

Course Specifications:

  • Price: $119
  • Duration: 107 videos plus downloadable keynotes and workbooks
  • Format: Videos
  • Certificate: No

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7. KelbyOne Photography Classes

KelbyOne is offered by the original “Photoshop guy” Scott Kelby

First of all, KelbyOne’s Founder Scott Kelby is known as the original “Photoshop Guy” and has been teaching Photoshop and photo editing software for many years. As a result, KelbyOne has earned a reputation for being one of the best places to learn photography and post processing.

With a monthly subscription, you gain access to a variety of photography courses and photo editing software courses that are lead by top industry photographers like Joe McNally and Scott Kelby.

Course Specifications:

  • Price: Free for up to 10 courses. All course access at $19.99/month
  • Duration: Monthly subscription, at your own pace.
  • Format: Videos, live webcasts
  • Certificate: No

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8. Phlearn Photography Classes

Phlearn is a popular Youtube channel that is also offering paid photography classes.

Are you looking to improve your post-processing skills?

Then Phlearn courses are for you.

Phlearn specializes in Lightroom and Photoshop photo-editing software courses. As a result, all levels of photographers, from hobbyists to professionals, turn to this website for top-notch quality instruction on post-processing.

In addition, Phlearn also has a popular Youtube channel with millions of subscribers. Which also teach you how to retouch and composite like a professional.

Course Specifications:

  • Price: $8.25/month (promo code SAVE10)
  • Duration: Monthly subscription, at your own pace.
  • Format: Streaming videos
  • Certificate: No

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